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I know sometimes I can go pretty fast from one image to another.  I have created this lesson for you so if you
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Parisfinaldetails.jpg (246086 bytes) Here is the painting as it was from the last page.  I have heard many Artists ask " How do you know when your painting is done?"..and I will offer up my answer to that.

I have a very systematic approach to my paintings as you have seen from the beginning.  I begin every painting from the furthest point back, and work my way to the foreground.  I do not leave an area until it has reached the point where I am totally satisfied in how my paints are representing what I see in my mind. 

At the completion of the painting, I begin a process called FINAL DETAILS.  I take my pad of paper and then I begin a very slow inspection of the whole image and compare it to the photograph.  Then as I did in creating this painting, I begin the whole process again from the beginning... the sky, the cityscape, the pillar, the clothing and the faces.  I examine each area and really look at how it compliments the overall composition.  If something appears in need of a minor adjustment, I write it down.  When I have completed this exercise of compiling my fix or repair items...I cover my painting for at least 24 hours before I look at it again.

Then I compare my list to what I am seeing the next day.... I will cover what happens next in the next cell down.

Parisfinaldetailsnumbers.jpg (248289 bytes)

After my session of inspection, I have identified five areas that I would like to touch up and after Michael's viewing tonight, he has added two more and an additional one that I completed prior to the re-photographing of this image for this exercise.  This is the list that I will move forward against.  Estimated time for completion prior to final viewing - 6 hours.

1. Cloud enhancement - needs more form

2. Highrise buildings - vertical lines need touchup

3. Window horizontal alignment is off of correct perspective

4. Michael's left thumb needs a little more shadowing and fingers need more flesh tone

5. Touch up highlights in Helen's hair - right edge

6. Edge blur on clothing - Michael's sweater only

7. The toning down of the gray building to the left of Michael's right shoulder.

completedparis.jpg (254957 bytes) I have now completed the painting.   I will just need the final acceptance viewing by my clients before I sign the original painting.

I will do nothing more on the painting now...except cover it up.

Now I will write the story for this image in preparation for the upload to my website.

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