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I know sometimes I can go pretty fast from one image to another.  I have created this lesson for you so if you
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signature2.jpg (199167 bytes) January 17th, 2008 - The final moment for any Artist...the Final viewing by the Client.  I gave Michael the space he needed to spend time with the painting while I worked away on the marketing items in preparation for my next  Exhibition that is now only 5 weeks away.

I find that it is important for any of my clients to spend alone time with their piece without the distraction of me talking...imagine that.

The warm handshake and the inspirational acknowledgement of his acceptance.  I handed Michael my pencil and he signed and dated the original in the lower right hand corner below my Log.

I have mixed a Prussian Blue and Lamp Black mixture of watercolors and then write my signature in a predetermined location in the lower right corner of the painting.  I keep my signature as inconspicuous as possible and as small as I can so that it is still visible.

signature3.jpg (71446 bytes) This is the running Log that I keep on the original painting.  I track every day that I work on the painting by date, hours that I worked on it and a running total.  I treat this log almost as a true diary by also recording my own life events that I thought were significant that occured during the creation of this painting.  This is an excellent method of tracking the time against a painting and provides me the confidence of determining my pricing structure.
signature4.jpg (114987 bytes) This is a good close-up of the Log and the final signature of acceptance by my client.  The only items that I need to   complete will be my standard Certificate of Authenticity for an Original, which identifies the painting, its name, my signature, and a Serial Number which is tracked in a database and also one quirky thing that I will talk below.  I still need to call to Ray and Jim's signs to produce a custom brass plate that will go to the client for this original.  I leave the mounting of this plate up to my client once they have the piece framed up.  For non-commissioned pieces that I frame up, I apply the brass plate to the back of the framed painting just below the certificate that is also mounted on the back.

All the galleries in the Quinte region that frame my originals understand the importance of this Log remaining in tact and will expand the matting to ensure it is untouched.

signature1.jpg (87702 bytes) An old habit that began over 25 years ago with the birth of my sons, the celebratory Cuban cigar.  A pleasure in my life that continues with the completion of each painting......a celebration of its birth.  I recognize this moment even on the Certificate for the Original, where I refer to the completion date as.... the Date of Birth.....That is how significant this moment is to me as an Artist. 

Thank you for joining me throughout my process of creation.  It feels really wonderful for me to be able to share in all of this with you.   And if you would be willing, please share your thoughts and feedback on this Lesson.     

Always a hug,   Gabe

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