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Gabriel Krekk's material is diverse and covers the full spectrum of subjects from landscapes to portraits....He has a
passion for the pure, spiritual essence of his subjects and models. His paintings are highly refined  with extreme attention
to detail.  He is a wet on dry Watercolor artist working only on  hot-pressed archival watercolor paper.  

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 November 21, 2012  

Image Size – 21 ” x 15”



Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull
 January 30, 2011 

They say that you could see the devil dancing in the eyes of Sitting Bull, but yet what do we remember of him.  Do the stories reflect back upon one of the greatest warriors and spiritual men in the history of man, who was a great provider for his people, a visionary, a loving father, teacher, singer and the chief of the Lakota?  He would rise to the lead the Sioux nation to their last major battle victory at Little Bighorn in 1867 against the forces of General Custer.

He would lead the Lakota people to the safety of Canada before surrendering in 1881 at Fort Buford in Montana.  His final years were a mere mundane existence until he was shot to death by his own people on December 15, 1890. Sitting Bull was buried at Fort Yates in North Dakota, and in 1953 his remains were moved to Mobridge, South Dakota, where a granite shaft now marks his grave.

Sitting Bull believed in the ultimate life of freedom for his people but they, along with  all of the other  tribes of North America would be swallowed up by the evolution of  progress.

This painting is in tribute to a vision of freedom, to a man called Tatanka-Iyotanka, the great “Sitting Bull.”

This painting was created from photographs taken by the Artist outside of Hardin, Montana.

Image Size – 16” x 18”




How The West
Was Tamed
 December 1st, 2010 

The crowds began to roll out onto the dusty streets of Tombstone where the loud heated slurs and jostling were always the first signs of yet another senseless showdown.   The townsfolk suddenly hushed as a woman stepped out from the shadows of the buildings and into the radiant glow of the deserts evening sun. 

She showed no fear as she positioned herself between the pair of enraged gun-slingers. 

The sound of a fast approaching horse cast quiet curiosity amongst the locals.  As the rider’s silhouette grew near, a smile adorned the brave woman's face that could melt the hearts of the most unprepared.  As she remained firmly fixed, the brilliance within her stance was beyond captivating.  As the handsomely rugged Marshal dismounted, his eyes melted into those of the woman that stood before him.  The Divine admiration and love he felt in that moment for his lady shined brighter than that of the untarnished star worn proudly upon his chest.  As quickly as tempers had flared and crowds had formed, they now dispersed leaving behind only a few spell-bound onlookers.

There would be no more gunfights in Tombstone and it is was through the gentle hearts of women that it really was…. how the west was tamed.   

This painting was created from photographs taken by the Artist in Tombstone, Arizona.  Modeling for the photoshoot was Kristina Thoresen. 

Image size :  16-1/2” x  24-1/2”




La Mia Terra Dea
 October 29, 2010 

The days had turned into months since her man had gone off to war.  Every day since his departure, she would don her favorite dress and let down her hair, just the way he loved it. In her daily ritual, there upon the stone steps, she would sit and listen for the sound of distant hoofs that might bring home her soldier. But today, would be just like the others, the quiet of silence.

She could feel her heart’s longing and turned her face to the heat of the sun...taking herself to a place of fond memories ….feeling his fingers in her hair.  She closed her eyes and drifted to him,  remembering his last words to her… La Mia Terra Dea….I will be home soon.

This painting was created from a photograph taken by the Artist in Bisbee, Arizona.  Modelling for the photoshoot was Kristina Thoresen. 

Image size :  14” x  24”


Outside the Walls
 September 6, 2010 

The horses moved amongst the tall sweet grass outside of Fort Buford finding respite from the long ride from the north.  There was the sound of celebration from inside the wooden walls of the fort.  A dozen of the bravest warriors of the Lakota had come on their own free will to lay down their arms and surrender to the Commanding Officer.  The jubilation was evident as the last Lakota surrendered his rifle with words that will ring on in history.  The words of the great chief of the Sioux nation “I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle.”

A single horse moved away from the herd, as if he knew that there would be no more war.  He stood and gazed across the empty plains of Montana where he used to run free, and now he stood, alone, just outside the walls.

This painting was created from a photograph taken by the artist outside Hardin, Montana at Custer’s last stand re-enactment

Image Size: 26" x 7-1/4”     


The Charge Across
the Cheyenne

 September 29 , 2009 

June 24th, 1876...General Terry and the Second Cavalry took the Charge across the Cheyenne River straight for Montana.  Time was of the essence and the soldiers needed to make the space between them and Custer's men as close as possible.  It was a solid three day ride to the Little Bighorn.

The reports had returned that Custer was about to engage a large encampment of Indians.  Terry knew that when Custer had turned down Terry's offer of additional soldiers of the Second, it would mean disaster.

June 27th, 1876, Terry arrived at the Coulee overlooking the river where the bodies of Custer and his men lay for history to remember.

The breeze blew across the sweet grass of the Black Hills.  The soldiers dismounted and began to mark out and bury the soldiers of the Seventh Cavalry.
This painting was worked from photographs taken by the Artist at Custers Last Stand Reenactment at the Little Bighorn River, Montana.  Special thanks to Pat Mumby and Ted Wolvers for modelling for the faces of these two Soldiers.

Image Size: 14" x 25"


Victory in Unison
 March 9 , 2009 

It surely felt like rain yet the bay was almost like a sheet of glass.  He glanced at his daughter and he could feel the pain in her badly sprained wrist.  He wanted to call off the race but with one look in her eyes that a father knows too well, he knew not to ask.  That spunky energy she possessed even defied common sense and he trusted her judgement. They positioned themselves in the boat and with a gentle push away from the dock, they moved towards the starting position.

With eyes straight ahead, the gun sounded and they followed the perfect stroke.  Through the catch, the drive, the finish and the recovery, they pulled in harmonic unison.  There was no pain in the vision of victory.

They could feel distance between their oars and with all of the training that they had ever done, these next few seconds would measure their determination.  The hollow bellow of the finish horn sounded and they knew they had crossed the finish line.  With a quick look around and final look at each other, this was their moment to celebrate their victory in unison.

“Victory in Unison” was named and commissioned by Ted Wolvers of Belleville.  The painting was collaged from several photographs taken by the artist during two photoshoots on the Bay of Quinte and at the practice rowing tanks inside the Bay of Quinte Rowing Club.  The completion of this work of art finalizes Ted’s dream to have a painting done with his daughter Sonya.

Image Size: 24” x 15”

Bluecoats of Benteen
 December 7th, 2008  

The last battalion of the 7th Calvary arrived at the edge of the Coulee led by Captain Frederick Benteen.  The horror that laid before them was difficult in that moment for any man to comprehend.  Benteen's hatred for Custer would never be hidden from history, and now he glanced to the northwest to the sounds of thundering gunfire..It had to be Custer... There was no choice in developing an instantaneous strategy...Benteen had to save what remained of Reno's men who were fighting for their lives from a defensive position above the Bighorn River.  He ordered his men to ride to Reno's position and to join in the fighting.  The trumpet resounded the call to charge, and the Bluecoats of Benteen moved to battle.

Captain Frederick Benteen survived the
Battle of Little Bighorn.

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist along the Bighorn River at the actual battlefield  of Benteen/Reno.  This is the third painting of the Artist's series" The Bighorn Trilogy"    

Image Size 21" x 14"

October 29th, 2008

The Scouts charged like lightning into the village with the news....the bluecoats led by the golden haired one had been spotted riding in their direction. A great cry rose up among the warriors.  They were fearless... driven by the passion to protect what was theirs, their world.....Lead by Sitting Bull, the great nations of the Sioux had amassed the largest band of warriors ever seen by the white man...and now the dipping pots of dried colored powder mixed with tallow emptied as the braves mixed the hues with boiling water.  There was no time for careful placement...it was war...and the reds went on...the screams and yelping...and the call that today would be a good day to die.....A young warrior mounted his horse and looked north to the sounds of the rumbling earth....he was ready...so was Paint.

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist outside of Hardin, Montana along the Bighorn River on the Crow Reservation.  This is the first painting of the Artist's series" The Bighorn Trilogy"  

   Image Size 21" x 14"


24 Hours To Little Bighorn
March 27th , 2008

He had rode his troops hard again today...and he thought about this for a moment as he watched the men of the Seventh Cavalry prepare the camp for the night.  They were tired and he could hear their complaints.  Maybe another 50 miles to the Sioux stronghold he thought.  They would be there tomorrow.  He was damn sure of that.  He gazed upon the faces of his hardened soldiers...it would be a day that some of his boys would not be writing home.   He folded the orders and tucked them in his vest pocket.  They all read the same.  He knew what needed to get done.... That's why they sent the Seventh.

Deep inside...beyond the arrogance...beyond his thrill of battle...you could find an officer that could lead in the face of death and change the course of history. 

He wondered how long it had been since he were home.  Even here in the beauty of Montana, he felt an emptiness that he could not shake.  This was not a time of sentiment and he regained his vision of the task at hand.  We will ride into destiny...with the last 24 hours to Little Bighorn.  Now it was time to eat.

Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer would lose his life in the Battle of Little Bighorn on June 25th, 1876.

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist in Tombstone, Arizona.

Image Size: 12" x 22"

To Lead A City
Feb. 12th, 2008

A West end kid...always the underdog...and yet there in the fields of the school yard, he found the fun of life playing scrub on a Saturday afternoon ...acrobatting on the bicycle bars....running free in endless summers...climbing snowbanks the size of mountains......In days of past with milkmen in horse drawn carts, and oil burning furnaces, black and white with TV antenaes and Christmas eves that went on for months....and in that time that kid would grow.

Yep...and there in those fields this kid would dare to dream...that someday he would grow... to lead a city.

This is a portrait of that kid who dared to dream..Neil Ellis..who with his successful entrepreneurial business skills would go into the mayoral elections as the underdog in 2006 and take a sweeping landslide victory. He continues to lead the city of Belleville.

This portrait was created from images taken by the Artist in a photoshoot at City Hall with the Honorable Mayor Neil Ellis in May, 2007.

Size: 14" x 21 -1/2"

Paris on the 25th
Jan. 27, 2008

I have stood at the top of the world..and even in that place..you were there by my side. .... I remember the first moment that I met you...and of your whisper of I will at St. Joseph's...the miracles of our creations..Laura..Sarah..Amanda..and how we have planned so they would also meet their dreams......I remember the matching diamond ring on the fifth...and how I could make you smile when things were bad....and I will  remember the meaning of the colors of the  twenty five roses...the knowing of what I feel when I see the smile in your eyes..... and I will forever remember being together.... in Paris on the 25th.

Michael and Helen Dowdall  - August 14th, 1982

This painting was commissioned by Michael Dowdall for his wife Helen, in celebration of  their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary...to share this moment in Paris     with countless generations to come.

Image Size: 15- 7/8" x 21- 1/8"   

Letters to Heaven
October 12th, 2008

Hi Daddy, i am missing you and i am getting so big now. School is still fun and Mommy and i are keeping busy.  i stayed at Rachel's house last nite and her mom said that you were a hero cos you were helping kids like me to be free and eat icecream and go to school.   i don't understand war but today Mommy and i went to the beach and i know you will come home to us safe, cos we wrote in the sand secret letters to heaven and I know that God was listening.  Love Me.

This painting was created from a photoshoot taken by the Artist at the Sandbanks Provincial Park near Picton, Ontario.  Modelling for this painting was Kim Mumby and her daughter Savannah of Roslin, Ontario. 

This painting is dedicated to all of our Canadian and U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and to all soldiers serving their countries abroad in the name of Freedom. Know that back home your loved ones continue to pray and send letters to heaven for your safe return home. 

Image Size: 24" x 16" 4"

The Whisper
August 24th, 2007

From the gentle knoll, she had a perfect view of the river and the grazing herd.  It was time to get them rolling again.  Even her favorite young bull, "Nosey"  was waiting for the all familiar signal from her..

She felt the stirring power beneath her weight and she leaned forward and gently acknowledged the impatience of her horse with the touch of her hand.  "West we go girl" , she said in the whisper.

This painting was created from several photographs taken by the Artist.  Modelling for this painting was Cheryl Reavie of O'Hara's Mill, Ontario.  Special thanks to Bill and Linda Grills of  Moon Mist Meadows of Springbrook, Ontario for the use of their ranch and their magnificent horses, Brandy and Bailey.

Image Size - 20" x 13"

In The Heart of A Friend
July 22 , 2007

Life speeds its way too fast and sometimes we forget to pause and connect with those who mean so much to us.   Friendships run their courses... sometimes soon forgotten..sometimes for a lifetime..and sometimes they endure even when friends get lost in the moment of their own choosing and cause the rifts of pain to hurt heart.  And for all the friendships that can continue to move forward and in knowing that no matter what, they will always remain in the heart of a friend.

Meet my friend Al.

This painting was created from several photoshoots by the Artist.  This is a portrait of Allan Lunenfeld, Lawyer turned Commercial Real Estate Agent for Royal Lepage in Belleville, Ontario.

Image Size - 13 1/2" x 20 1/2"

The Cold
November Rain

July 6th , 2007

A tribute painting to Slash - lead guitarist of Guns 'n Roses and to the lyrics of the song that made the greatest impact in my life. " November Rain". Nobody could play it any better than Slash with the ripping into your soul guitar solo. Now with the incredible timing of the completion of this painting, Slash and his new band Velvet Revolver are shaking up the world with their newest album release " Libertad". Velvet Revolver opens their concert in Toronto, Ontario on September 12th, 2007 the same day the Artist is in Slash's hometown of Los Angeles, opening his first U.S. exhibition..

The Artist ,with permission from the website http://nonsense .froti.com., referenced part of this painting from a photograph of Slash on their site. 

Image Size - 18 1/2" x 14 1/2"

Zebedee and the Serpent
April 22nd , 2007

The news had broken around the town about another sighting of the serpent…In a field by a swamp..just below the treeline…He moved through the reeds…He knew this trail well from his countless searches for treasures and pirate battles as a child…but today..his adventure was different….Zebedee moved with stealth in the hot August heat…hours passed in his quest…and then…he heard a sound….unmistakable...he crouched in anticipation and listened….he turned to look to his right…there within arms reach, coiled like a chassis spring lay the reptile…eyes as black as night…their eyes locked down on each other and at  the speed of lightning…the serpent lunged …In the blink of a moment, Zebedee spun as the serpent grazed his shoulder and he snatched its passing tail…He stood and lifted the writhing snake into the air and claimed the victory of the capture… he touched his shoulder but found it clean…this day he had won and as the world will remember the legend of… Zebedee and the Serpent

This painting is a commissioned piece and will remain in a private collection

Image size: 23-1/2 x 16"

Winds of Montana
April 8th , 2007

When you feel  the winds of change blowing, and you look into the eyes of this woman, they will carry you  to the far reaches of Montana and set you at the base of the Rockies in the Missouri Headwaters.

Feel her power, her attitude and her sensuality...and you will never want to leave the Big Sky Country..

Walk the historic landscape that was forged by Lewis and Clark in 1805 . The western portion of this great state rises up in tall, rugged Rocky Mountain country. These mountains have provided Montana its name, and yielded a fortune of gold and silver since the first substantial deposits were discovered in the early 1860's.

Today, the mountains attract people for their natural splendor. Glacier National Park is a destination for many, with majestic peaks shaped by massive glacial ice. Rising cliffs offer spectacular beauty here. And Montana's Yellowstone National Park delights visitors with incredible scenery, waterfalls, geysers, and lakes. Now feel the Winds of Montana.....This painting is dedicated to Governor Brian Schweitzer and to the great people of the State of Montana.

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist . Modelling for this photoshoot was Daphne Mahoney.

This painting was selected by Jury for exhibition at the Expressions 2007 competition and was on public display from April 26th to May 18th, 2007 at the Ritchie Room at Maxwell College, Belleville, Ontario, Canada.  This painting received an Honorable Mention for the People's Choice Award.

Image size: 13" x 22-1/2"

Nightstand of the Egret
February 25th, 2007

There is something always magical in the moments before the sun touches its circular orb to the edge of the Caribbean horizon.  The combination of the calming sea, the setting sun is the perfect combination for a night stand of the egret.

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist in  Key West, Florida.

Image size: 10" x 16"






Cuba, Cuba
February 18th, 2007

#3 from the series  'White Picket Fences"

Curb Appeal..... and the city of Key West's downtown core has it all..... a wealth of quaint shops and an artists delight..   "Cuba, Cuba " is one of the many stores that caught my eye with its colorful display of Cuban goods.

The store is stock full of everything from Cubita Cuban coffee,  t-shirts, ceramics,  posters, fine art and my personal favourite, the big fat Cuban cigars....

Take a moment to window shop......

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist of the "Cuba, Cuba" storefront in Key West, Florida.

Image size: 9-3/4" x 11-3/4"

After the Final Bell
January 28th, 2007

The classrooms of Queen Victoria Public School resonate their founding history from 1913. Today…the classes have ended for the day….the school has emptied and the hallways have given up to the sounds of silence.  Under the critical eye and the caring hand of the school’s custodian, the school will be gleaming before the next day classes resume.  The love he has for his eight year career is heightened through his interactions with the teaching staff, parents and especially the children…

 His night is about to begin as he moves into the first classroom and sits down on a desk near the teacher’s corner….he scans the room…carefully assessing its condition ….a single water bottle remains left behind by a student….and he is drawn to its blue light cast by the rays of the setting sun. He feels the warmth of this reflective moment, turning the bottle to watch the dancing blue colors of light play across the desk… pausing to shift his thoughts to his family at home….and with this picture in his mind…In the empty corridors of the school…he will never be alone.  Now his work is about to begin…. just like everyday… after the final bell.  

This painting is in the private collection of Mr. Brian Hineman  and was created from photographs taken by the artist at Queen Victoria Public School in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.  This portrait is of Brian.

Image size: 14" x 18"


Harlequin Unbridled
January 3rd, 2007

He sat in wonderment....In the state of affairs within his being... Away from it all....the bustling crowds....Like Hummingbirds...Darting across the mall....He found great refuge in this space....Taking collective thought...Appreciating how life was unfolding...Finding pleasure...In his own happiness....And connection to the Universe.

His attention was drawn ...To a mannequin across the way...The brilliance of her history.... Pulling like a magnetic field...A million stars from the darkest night ...Could never have shone so bright....He was captivated in the seduction...Of his mind's eye....  Sailing him across time and space....To the many lovers from his past.... 

He felt mesmerized by the Harlequin....And for a moment...just a brief moment...He saw the Life Force surge....Through the synthetic form...He witnessed her breathe....Geometric shapes transforming to flesh...The swelling of her breasts....For just a moment...just a brief moment....She became... a Harlequin Unbridled.....

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist at the "Unbridled 2" Art Exhibition in Belleville, Ontario.

This painting was selected by Jury for exhibition at the Expressions 2007 competition and was on public display from April 26th to May 18th, 2007 at the Ritchie Room at Maxwell College, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Image size: 11-3/4" x 17-3/4"


The Hatmaker -
A Dying Breed

October 29th , 2006

Many a Craftsperson sets up their trade along the tourist laden Duval Street in Key West, Florida.  Luxury cruise ships unload their tourists for a day's outing to enjoy the surreal beauty and easeful lifestyle of this magnificent city.  A knick-knack captures a moment in paradise.   A chocolate crepe with its mountain of fresh whip cream fulfils the soul.   These are the joys of doing the "Duval Crawl".

Thousands pass the Hatmaker every day as he sits along a curb on Duval, weaving palm branches into hats.   Watching, Listening, keenly aware of what is happening around him.  Grabbing another palm branch, laying it across his lap, the process begins again....and then a pause...a moment's reflection as he lights up a cigarette..his personal reward for a job well done.  A deep inhalation as he accelerates toward the dying breed.

This painting was created from photos taken by the Artist on Duval Street, Key West, Florida.

Image size: 11-3/4" x 17-3/4"

Tears for Mother
October 12th , 2006


I remember rushing into the arms of my mother, diving into her empathy, her healing embrace.  The reason didn’t matter, a fever, a fall, overzealous playfulness with our Great Dane Truman or just for a moment's reprieve. Her compassionate heart, always home, and a place to offer tears for a mother.

This  image of Barbie Sitkiewicz and her son Ethan was captured by the Artist one morning at their home in Chicago, Illinois.

Image size: 17-1/2" x 15-3/4"


I Pod
July 22 , 2006

#2 from the series  'White Picket Fences"

Simplicity and complexity in the creation of a new leaf...and the sheer beauty of light at play....



This painting was created from photographs taken by the Artist in Key West, Florida.

Image Size: 9.75" x 15"



Wait and Sea
July 13 , 2006

A quiet moment...downtime.. immersed in thought....absorbed in the tender calm of the Sea.


This image was captured by the Artist during a photoshoot at the Southernmost Point in Key West, Florida.

Image Size: 11" x 16"



The Sentinel
June 30 , 2006

Sentinel - a soldier stationed at a place to stand guard and prevent the passage of unauthorized persons.

Perfect description for the subject of this image. How often we walk by things and never see them for what they are in their magnificence or appreciate their purpose such as this beautiful hydrant that has stood patiently for several generations  along a quiet street in Key West. It has protected the home of U.S. President Harry Truman and although time and life has passed, this sentinel stands prepared  on a second's notice to complete its mission..

Many thick coats of paint show the care and respect this city shows for even it's smallest devices.

This painting was created from photographs taken by the Artist in Key West, Florida.                                                                  

Image Size: 10" x 15"

Painting #1 from the series entitled " White Picket Fences"


June 23 , 2006

Adam...the first man created in His image....perfect and primeval..

This incredibly powerful image was a definite challenge to the Artist's  medium of watercolor.  The contrast of form, structure and the human soul is clearly evident as the observer immerses themselves into this painting.   Take yourself to the place where he is...feel what he is feeling....and appreciate the perfection of our creation.

This painting was referenced from a photo taken by Loyalist College photography student, Cheryl Charlton of Adam Fournier and used with permission.

Adam is an Electrical and Instrumentations Technician with a major corporation and also a Volunteer FireFighter.

Image Size: 11" x 16"



Milennium Park
April 1st, 2006

Milennium Park, located in Downtown Chicago, beside the Art Institute is a place that every person must visit at least once in their lives.  The surreal structures of Crown Fountain are mesmerizing and the reflecting pool is balanced by two 50 foot glass monoliths created by Spanish sculptor Juame Plensa.   There are 1,000 human faces that are projected on these towers that were taken by the students of the Chicago Art Institute.  The images slowly blink, make facial expressions and gush a 30 foot stream of water from their mouths.   Crown Fountain is a profound experience and an awe inspiring work of Art.

This painting was created from photographs taken by the Artist. 

Image Area  10” x 14 7/8”       




Off Duty
March 19 , 2006

  " Officer mark pierce - new jersey state police"

Every time I travel to New Jersey , I stop in to see my good friends, Mark and Rosemary Pierce in Jackson , for great conversation and tons of laughs.. 

 Mark is an avid sports enthusiast and excellent baseball player. This image taken by Rosemary reflects everything about his personality. The photo was taken along Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the 100th Anniversary celebration of Harley Davidson.  When he is not in uniform, you can find Mark and Ro on their Harley Davidson  or cruising the I-295 in his Limited Edition Vet.   He has a zest for life both on and off duty.

This painting was selected by jury for exhibition for the Expressions 2006 competition..

Image Area  10” x 13 ¼”       




Lajos at Liberty
March 10 , 2006

There is something wonderful to witness the excitement of a person who has their first experience in a new place.....Meet my Dad, Lajos...in his first trip to New York City.

This painting was created from a photograph taken by the Artist in New York City.

Image Size: 10" x 14- 3/4"  




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